Small Business Accounting 
If you’ve been keeping your accounting records in an excel spreadsheet or keeping your receipts in a ‘shoe box’, we can transform your chaos into a user- friendly accounting system that you can access in real time through any mobile device. We love technology so we will work to integrate your system which will allow us more time to analyze your books in the most cost-effective way.
Professional bookkeeping and accounting services will ensure that your books and records are in top shape.
Zeigler & Barnes offers a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services designed to enrich the lives of small to mid-size business owners. By partnering with us, you we will be able to gain complete control of your financial aspects which will allow you to make sound financial decisions.
Bookkeeping is usually the starting point for new business, often other services are added as needed. Our services are Ala Carte and we will provide bookkeeping and accounting service tailored for each client’s needs.
We will deal with all the day to day transactions and leave you with more time to focus on your business.
Bookkeeping Services:
-  Conduct monthly account reconciliation – bank and credit card statements
-  Electronically issue invoices to customers
-  Electronically process payments to vendors
-  Record financial transactions
-  Maintain chart of accounts
-  Maintain documents
-  Payroll
-  Prepare all business filings – 1099 prep, sales/use tax, and property tax
-  Tax write-up
Accountant/Controller Services:
-  Prepare and issue financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement aka Profit & Loss -  Statement, and Statement of Cash Flow) – monthly, quarterly, or annually
-  Financial statement analytics – provide narratives on your financial statements
-  Reconciliation of all balance sheet accounts
-  Cash flow projections and cash management
-  Accounting and general ledger management
-  Prepare budgets
-  Budget to actual variance analysis
Whether you are a small business owner looking to work smarter, a company that wants to focus on what you do best, or a growing business that wants to improve efficiency and reduce costs, we will support the way you want to work and save you time and money.
Get started in 3 easy steps
1.  Sign into your secured online portal and upload documents or we will integrate your business checking account to your accounting system.

2.  Focus on your business while we record the day to day transactions in an efficient and timely manner.

3.  We’ll provide all the reporting information and make sure all business filings are complete on time.
Quickbooks consulting
QuickBooks is the small to mid-sized business accounting software of choice today.
7 reasons why you should use Quickbooks:
1.  Quickbooks is easy to use once its set up properly – if you are trained and Quickbooks is setup properly, it can save you money on end of year accounting fees.
2.  Quickbooks is adaptable to most small to mid-size business. All reports can be customized to your business and exported to excel.
3.  Many small business will outgrow Quickbooks so Intuit released a new generation software called Enterprise which will allow you to convert your current file to Enterprise.
4.  Quickbooks Online can be accessed through any mobile device allowing you access to your file while you’re on the go.
5.  Quickbooks is compatible with many third-party applications such as, point of sale, and industry specific applications.
6.  Quickbooks is affordable so you save money.
7.  No more waiting for a check in the mail, you can receive payment via credit card or bank transfer.
As your Quickbooks Consultant, we can help you setup your file, assist you with cleaning up your file if it was setup incorrectly, and train you to use the file.

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